A herd of rabbits

The collective noun for rabbits (domestic) is a herd ; who knew! As woolen rabbits aren’t really something I would advise leaving outside, nor have I seen any running and scampering about in any fields or woodlands recently, I think they would be classed as a domestic rabbit.

I’ve known my friend L since I was about 4, we have the same birthday, went to the same school and grew up on the same road. She lives on another continent now but when I found out she was pregnant, I immediately went on the hunt for the perfect animal to make for the new arrival. I found a wonderful pattern online from one dog woof for a floppy bunny rabbit. I knew it was the one. when I then spotted some fluffy light grey wool in my local B&M store, I knew I needed to make one. Top left is the one I sent along with a blanket (again no pic, sorry) and a few bibs in very nice Beatrix Potter Fabric, the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger fabrics. I was very pleased with that bundle.

When I took the Rabbit in to work to show it off to the person who had taught me to crochet (J), she requested one from me. I should state that although J taught me to crochet, she’s never done amigurumi, and when I mentioned I was making a hat with a fptc (front post-double crochet) stitch she declared that I was crocheting beyond her skill level now. The white one at bottom left was for her, she is called Demelza (from Poldark) and now has a very nice dress and bonnet. That prompted someone else at work for ask for one too. I don’t have a picture of that one but imagine the white one but baby pink and that’s about it.

Demelza was lonely, which resulted in a request for a Ross to go with her. but Ross needs to be dark and mysterious. Sirdar Touch wool in black was the perfect option, but because it’s a bit thicker, it made a bigger bunny and took more wool in making. That resulted in the main picture above.

I think my favourite is still the grey one though. Just look at that pink nose!


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